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Flashline-Tools offers compact rotary motion with XYZ linear stages for fixturing parts during laser welding. We specialize in providing the highest quality motorized rotary positioning system for aerospace, automotive, dentistry, jewelry, medical, optical, semiconductor, and watchmaking industries.

Our current products include motorized rotary and manual linear positioning systems for use in open and closed glove box welders. Our systems are used in medical device catheter development, micro mechanism assemblies, MEMS packaging, jewelry making/repair, dentistry, and watchmaking.

The FL1 and FL2 offer the ability to launch your new developments quickly and with the flexibility to maneuver your parts into any position. Our stages are adapted for use in all of the enclosed glove box and benchtop welding systems: Laserstar, Rofin, Han’s Trumpf, Coherent, Manfredi, Stoller, Ortig, Orion, B&D sales, EVO Elnr, Systems Sisma, Zetech, Spectra-Physics, Amada Miyachi…

FL1 Compact Motorized Theta Motion Device for Laser Welding

The FL1 system is our compact rotary stage designed to work with all of the glove box welders on the market (without the need to modify your glove box chamber). The X Y Z are adjusted manually and the rotary is motorized. This system is widely used in catheter development, optics and electronics packaging, and where small parts must precisely fixtured during laser welding. The Swiss precision 3 jaw chuck is a true scroll chuck where the low friction jaws are easily spread by rotating with two fingers. This is a key feature when working with small and delicate parts.

The FL1 stage and control box are designed for compact welding stations. The ease of use and flexibility of the rotary axis help to provided increased weld quality and reduced cycle times. The bright LCD display and control panel offer a simple user interface for both prototype and production use.

The ultra low profile stage installs easily into glovebox welding systems without the need to modify the chamber.

The back plane system allows the rotary welding stage to achieve the lowest profile.

The back plane system gives complete freedom to position the rotary welding chuck to any angle.

Infinitely variable positioning is accomplished with back plane system and the fine adjustment of X Y Z linear stages.

Repeatable pin lock positioning allows production settings to be quickly setup and maintained.

Dedicated vertical and horizontal positions allow the most common positions to be easily maintained.

The custom designed through hole motor allows up to 8mm devices to pass through the chuck, motor and stage.

The ultra low profile can adapt to shallow chambers or the Z base can be extended for taller chambers.

The variable angle of the rotary head allows for the optimal position during laser welding.

Bright contrast back-lit display give the user repeatable speed control setup for every job.

Four simple tactile switches are all that is needed to operate for prototype or production welding.

Pin lock allows for one handed adjustment of chuck while loading and unloading parts.

Our Swiss precision scroll chuck is absolutely the best available and can easily be adjusted with a light two finger grip.


The FL2 system includes one motorized rotary stage for horizontal and vertical positioning along with manual X, Y and Z positioning. This system is for deep chamber glove box welders or open systems. The stage configuration for positioning with this system is fundamental for many types of assemblies. Specifically in catheter development, having access to both vertical (through the bottom of the chamber) and horizontal positioning is important. The horizontal stage is fundamental for joining tubing and round components with butt or lap joints. The vertical stage is important for welding elements directly to the front of your assembly at a specific angle of access. This type of access is needed for assembling jewelry, small micro components and small components to catheters.

The FL2 has the ability to run the rotary head in two positions. There is a fixed horizontal position for typical butt and lap joint welding. The motor can then be easily swapped out to the tilt stage where it can be positioned to the vertical position or any angle in between vertical and horizontal.

The ability to pass long tubes through the base of the stage is a key feature when welding components to the tip or distal end of the assembly. Establishing the optimal angle is enabled by setting the tilt stage. The optimal angle is especially important when welding small components. Optimizing the angle at which directed light impacts the part is critical to reducing distortion, undercuts and spatter.

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