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Flashline-Tools has developed the most versatile and highest quality motorized rotary stages for laser welding. Our low profile rotary stages are specifically designed to work with glove box laser welders. Having the ability to adjust the angle of the motorized chuck is crucial for producing optimal welds. The FL1 allows for any orientation and can easily accommodate any system architecture from open frame to glove box welders.

The FL1 offers a unique back plane solution for positioning components to be welded in any number of orientations. The ability to set the desired angle allows for more efficient and stronger welds to be processed. The optimal rotary stage angle creates the ideal conditions for metal and gas flow during welding.

Control Box Theta XYZ

Controller Display

The control panel includes a back-lit tachometer display, fine adjust speed, motor enable, direction, and a rapid move controls.

Rotary Tilt off of Backplane

Rotary Locked in Horizontal

Our low profile systems are designed specifically for glove box welders with shallow chambers.

Rotary Locked in Vertical

Smooth Actuation Chuck

Our highly versatile positioning stage uses a motorized theta axis with a high precision, low friction chuck. The low friction Swiss made chuck requires just two fingers to adjust; therefore holding delicate and high precision parts is easily handled.

The Flashline FL1 system is drop-in compatible with all glove box and open frame laser welders: Laserstar, Rofin, Han’s Trumpf, Coherent, Manfredi, Stoller, Ortig, Orion, B&D sales, EVO Elnr, Systems Sisma, Zetech, Spectra-Physics and more.

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We offer full custom system development for all types of micro tooling including laser welding, swaging and forming. Industries supported include: aerospace, automotive, dentistry, jewelry, medical, optical, semiconductor and watchmakers.

Our Mission

We strive to provide innovative micro-tooling solutions for the fabrication and assembly of micro metal components and assemblies.

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